Truly transformative!

Published on March 11, 2019

Wow! Where do I even begin….I have so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Attenello. She is by far the most caring and meticulous surgeon I have ever met, and it helps that she is clearly highly skilled – she’s able to produce the most beautiful results!
Most of my friends and female family members have had some cosmetic surgery. All in all, I’ve visited a LOT of plastic surgeons for consults, surgeries or to support friends – Dr. Attenello still comes out on top, by far.

She is highly invested in her patients well-being and them having an absolutely optimal outcome. And she goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure this. Not only is she meticulous in her pre-surgery process, but her follow-up is the most involved I have ever seen or heard of. I’m not going to tell you everything here, because I think some of it should be a wonderful surprise! I have never felt so cared for by any physician or their staff.

I am always diligent with the research on physicians before making any decision, including doing Skype consults with doctors in other states, (yes, I’m willing to fly for this little obsession!) but the minute I walked into Dr. Attenello’s office I knew this was the one. The entire atmosphere was different than any other physician’s office I have ever visited; serval patients in various stages of post-surgery and other procedures were there, all talking quite lively and everyone willing to share their experiences and the details of what they were doing. Every single person was open, warm-hearted and generous with their particulars and completely willing to share. I knew that it took a special type of surgeon and person to cultivate this kind of atmosphere.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RESULTS…. And most importantly….. stunning results! I was so scared to begin this process. I work in the public eye and my appearance means a lot to me. Naturally, part of this involves regular maintenance and upkeep, with more significant procedures at periodic intervals. I absolutely hate having anyone new touch my face, with Dr. Attenello, I’m now wishing I had met her years earlier.

My face is absolutely stunning… refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. Lol! I even got carded buying a bottle of wine a few weeks ago! The cashier was quite perturbed when I giggled and asked if she was serious …. but the look of stunned amazement on her face when she read the date on my DL was soooo worth it!

If you want to take the best care of your face possible whether it’s surgery, injections or other rejuvenating procedures …. BOOK A CONSULT. Go in and talk to this incredible woman and her wonderful staff. You feel almost like you are walking into a friend’s home when you visit this office. The atmosphere is warm, and comforting, and if you are anything like me you’ll just want to hang out as long as you can.

I am SO THRILLED with every aspect of knowing this amazing doctor. I feel so much younger, I have revived confidence, and almost getting a new lease on life.Truly transformative! xo Thank you Dr. A.