Browlift Beverly Hills

A brow lift, also referred to as a forehead lift, is the ideal cosmetic surgery for restoring the appearance of a sagging, wrinkled, and aged-looking brow. Dr. Natalie Attenello is a Double board certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery of the face.

Located in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Attenello performs brow lifts in a fully-accredited plastic surgical center located on Wilshire Blvd. Achieve excellent results with minimal hints of surgery. Call 310-871-9599 to schedule a surgical consultation today.

How Does Aging Affect the Appearance of Your Brow?

As aging occurs, the skin above your eyes and on your forehead starts to lose elasticity, much like the skin around your chin and neck that tends to start sagging. This can create signs of aging, such as heavy-appearing eyes, low eyebrows, and deeper creases in the forehead. But you can defy aging and achieve the younger, rejuvenated appearance you desire with a cosmetic forehead/brow lift.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is an excellent solution to the adverse effects of aging and will provide you a refreshed appearance by opening up the areas around your eyes, softening unwanted forehead creases, and raising the eyebrows to their original, more youthful position.

Oftentimes, patients choose complementary cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to achieve the exact look they desire. Dr. Attenello may also recommend additional facial procedures to obtain a balanced and natural surgical result, including:

What to Expect from a Brow Lift Surgery

During the brow lift procedure, all incisions are created with the goal of being hidden and discreet—usually incisions are hidden in your hair. By using a minimally invasive endoscopic approach, five small incisions are made to allow a small camera and micro-instruments to elevate the brow and forehead region and the secure it in place. Sutures and surgical clips are used to close the incisions.

What is the Recovery from Forehead & Brow Lift Surgery Like?

After brow and forehead lift surgery, patients will have a light bandage wrap around their head and face for the first night to provide light compression. This helps with the bruising and swelling. Bruising and swelling after a brow lift is usually mild. Patients can usually resume social activity about one week after the procedure, although we recommend refraining from heavy exercising for two weeks.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The cost of your brow lift will be determined during your surgical consultation. Dr. Attenello can address any questions you may have about cost and payment options, as well as complementary procedures and recovery. Contact our office in Beverly Hills to schedule a consult today.

What Dr. Attenello’s Patients Say

“I saw Dr. Attenello for the subtle fine lines on my forehead that began to develop as I entered my 30s. I told Dr. Attenello that I still wanted the ability to have movement in my eyebrows for expression while having a smooth forehead. She did a beautiful job in a gentle manner. After about 3-4 days, I found that I could not create the lines in my forehead. I had no bruising after the procedure. I received so many compliments that my skin looked amazing when I returned to work a week later. I was nervous about my first cosmetic procedure but so happy that I did it, and I highly recommend Dr. Attenello.”

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