Browlift Beverly Hills

As aging occurs, the skin above your eyes and on your forehead also start to lose elasticity – much like the skin around your chin and neck that tends to start sagging, this can create signs of aging such as heavy appearing eyes, low eyebrows, and deeper creases in the forehead. A browlift is an excellent solution to address these areas. A browlift will create a refreshed appearance by opening up the areas around your eyes, soften the forehead creases, and raise the eyebrows to their original, more youthful position.
Often times, superior results are achieved with complementary procedures. Dr. Attenello may also recommend these to obtain a well-balanced and natural result. This can include an eyelift (blepharoplasty) or facelift.

During the procedure:

During the procedure, all incisions are created with the goal of being hidden and discreet – usually hidden in your hair. Additionally, by using a minimally-invasive approach, five small incisions are made to allow a small camera and microinstruments to elevate the brow region and this is then secured in place. Sutures and surgical clips are then used to close the incisions.


After surgery, patients will have a light bandage wrap around their head and face for the first night to provide light compression. This helps with the bruising and swelling. Though, this is usually mild. Patients can usually resume social activity after a week, though we recommend refraining from heavy exercising for two weeks.