Beard Transplantation Beverly Hills

Beard transplantation is a very specialized surgery to help restore or augment the hair growth in the beard and/or mustache area. Dr. Attenello is one of the few female hair surgeons who is skilled in this area of hair transplantation and provides the best and most natural result.

During the procedure:

The most important part of the procedure is the design of the beard and/or mustache region. Dr. Attenello will patiently listen to your goals and together will come up with a design for this region. Beard transplantation is an in-office procedure and you are kept comfortable with medications that help relax you and control any pain. A strip of hair is removed from the back of your scalp and carefully cut into individual hair grafts. These are then delicately placed in the designated region. Placement in the correct direction and angle is crucial to natural results and Dr. Attenello always aims to achieve the most natural results.


After surgery, mild redness and crusting can be expected where the hair grafts were placed, and this usually resolves after a few days to a week. Depending on your comfort level, many patients can return to work and social activity after 1-2 days. Though, we advise against certain activities such as heavy lifting and smoking. Because the hair grafts uses scalp hair, these hair grafts will still grow as such and will need to be trimmed regularly.