Chin Augmentation/Chin Implant (Mentoplasty) Beverly Hills

Facial implants are an excellent way to improve facial harmony and provide a subtle and more balanced appearance to one’s face. Often time when one proportion is off, this draws unwanted attention to that area. A small or “weak” chin can cause the nose to appear larger than it is, the jawline to appear less defined, and the overall balance of the face to be off.

Often times, superior results are achieved with complementary procedures. A chin implant is often performed with a rhinoplasty to achieve the most ideal, natural appearing results.

During the procedure:

The procedure is performed by Dr. Attenello in a fully accredited operating suite and the incision is very small and hidden underneath your chin. The chin implant is perfectly sized to fit your face. Fine sutures are placed and a small bandage is used to help decrease the swelling and to help keep the implant in place.


Mild swelling can be normal, though bruising is usually rare. Most patients can resume social activity the next day as the downtime is usually minimal.

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