Cheek Augmentation/Cheek Implant (Malar Augmentation) Beverly Hills

Facial implants are an excellent way to improve facial harmony and provide a subtle and more balanced appearance to one’s face. Often time when one proportion is off, this draws unwanted attention to that area. Cheek implants are an excellent option to address any sagging or volume loss of the cheeks. This provides a more youthful and natural contour to one’s mid-face.

During the procedure:

The procedure is performed in a fully accredited operating suite and the incision is hidden inside your mouth. The cheek implant is perfectly sized and sculpted to fit your facial proportion. Dissolvable sutures are then placed inside your mouth.


Because the sutures are inside your mouth, we recommend a soft diet for the first week after surgery. The sutures do not need to be removed as they naturally dissolve on their own with time. Mild to moderate swelling is expected and mostly resolves after a few weeks, though some very mild residual swelling can persist for a few months. Patients usually are able to resume normal activity within the first week, though we recommend refraining from strenuous activity for at least two weeks.