Facial Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer Beverly Hills

Facial fat grafting or fat transfer is an excellent option to restore youthful volume to one’s face. As aging continues, key areas of your face begin to sag, lose volume, and appear flat. This can be treated with fillers, but often times, your own body fat can be used to restore the natural, youthful volume around your cheeks and mid-face.

Often times, superior results are achieved with complementary procedures. Dr. Attenello may also recommend these to obtain a well-balanced and natural result. This can include an eyelift (blepharoplasty) or facelift.

During the procedure:

The procedure is performed in a fully accredited operating suite. Your body fat is removed from your abdomen through tiny incisions either hidden in your belly button or the sides of your abdomen. These incisions are very small and usually heal imperceptibly. Next, the fat is then prepared by removing unnecessary fluids and then carefully transferred to your face to restore volume to the areas that are flattened and volume deficient.


If performed alone, swelling and bruising are usually minimal to moderate and all sutures placed over the tiny incisions are dissolvable and do not need to be removed. Some slight discomfort of the abdomen is also normal and this improves after a week. If performed alone, patients feel comfortable to return to social activity after a few days, though we recommend refraining from heavy exercise for two weeks.