Earlobe Reconstruction/Earlobe Reduction Beverly Hills

Ear piercings, ear trauma, or just simply aging can cause your earlobe to tear, stretch, or elongate with age. Often times, it is impossible to wear earrings. Additionally, many patients are self-conscious about elongated earlobes. A simple, in-office procedure can be performed to correct any damage to the earlobe and/or to reduce the size of elongated or enlarged earlobes. These procedures provide superb, natural results.

During the procedure:

Earlobe reconstruction is an in-office procedure using local anesthesia performed with the patient awake and comfortable. Fine sutures are used for the procedure and are removed after seven days.


Swelling is usually minimal, and bruising is very rare. A simple band-aid can be used over the area with sutures and patients can return to work and social activity the next day. If needed, ears can be re-pieced after about six weeks.