Hair Restoration Beverly Hills

Hair Restoration for Men & Women in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hill’s leading hair restoration specialist, Dr. Natalie Attenello, is a double-board certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Attenello is an expert in surgical and non-Surgical solutions for the most common hair loss disorders, including male and female pattern baldness, alopecia, trichotillomania, and more. As one of the few female surgeons for hairline lowering and hair restoration surgeries in the country, Dr. Attenello approaches cosmetic procedures with a unique perspective that delivers natural-looking aesthetic results for men and women.

Advanced Hair Transplant Surgery for Natural-Looking Results

Dr. Attenello’s hair restoration procedures and cosmetic plastic surgeries are performed in a fully accredited surgery center in Beverly Hills. We offer our patients the latest technology in hair transplant surgery and innovative hair growth treatments in a comfortable facility.

Our surgical center uses only the best board-certified anesthesiologists, and we are committed to your safety, comfort, and wellness the entire time you are under our care. Get the hairline you desire with natural-appearing results. Call 310-871-9599 to schedule a surgical consultation today.

Restore Growth & Reshape Your Hairline

Whether your goal is to restore a full head of hair or reposition your hairline or widow’s peak, Dr. Attenello will work with you to achieve a full, healthy head of hair.