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Natalie Attenello, M.D.

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9301 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 406 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 871-9599 https://www.drattenello.com

Extremely thorough and detail oriented surgeon!

Extremely thorough and detail oriented surgeon! She is one of those rare doctors that will follow up with a phone call, a house call, or whatever it takes to give you the best care possible. By far the most caring and talented surgeon I’ve had. Truly the best in the business.


Dr. Attenello is a wonderful plastic surgeon!

Dr. Attenello is a wonderful plastic surgeon! She is very knowledgeable, has a great bedside manner, and really put me at ease about my procedure. She answered all my questions and did a great job explaining the procedure and the potential outcomes. I really appreciate how honest and upfront she was about how effective my treatment would be and she showed me a wide range of before and after pictures so I can understand the best vs worst outcomes. I highly recommend her to others seeking treatment, especially when it comes to hair loss and have already recommended her to friends.


I’m loving my results!!

Had the pleasure to meet Dr Attenello this past week and all I have to say is she’s amazing. At first I was a bit nervous.. but She was very nice, so informative & made me feel really comfortable. I got fillers under my eyes to reduce the dark circles.. and I had no bruising AT ALL! And I’m loving my results!! Anyone that is thinking of doing that highly recommend her. Also met nurse Nancy & yessenia who work at the office. Very welcoming and so nice 😊♥️


She is truly top-notch, you won’t regret it!!

I’ve been getting Botox and fillers for over two decades and have been to many providers over the years (medi-spas, derms, other plastic surgeons)…and now fast forward to today, I’ve gone to Dr. Attenello for the past three years for my botox and fillers and she’s been superb! She has an extremely gentle touch and is a huge perfectionist – which I appreciate because I am too. She listens and makes sure she understands what you want, but also would not let you look over done or ‘frozen’ or ‘duck lips’ which are dead giveaways for having stuff done. The appointments are always quick and efficient including both time for numbing cream and icing, but somehow you never feel rushed at all! Dr. Attenello is absolutely the best and I’ve referred many of my girlfriends to her as well. She is truly top-notch, you won’t regret it!!


BEST plastic surgeon out there!

BEST plastic surgeon out there! I had a procedure done over a year ago and the results are fantastic…It is not possible to be any happier! Now I go back for my quarterly maintenance (when I can catch her!) and have never looked better. Biggest thanks to Dr. Attenello!


Dr. Attenello listened to my concerns

I booked a consult with Dr. Attenello after hearing about her fantastic work. I was concerned about my hair thinning at my hairline and temples. Dr. Attenello listened to my concerns, then immediately put me at ease, explaining my options with patience, kindness and humor! Ultimately I decided to try PRP injections. The results have been great: lots of new hair growth! She has a gentle touch to the point that I’ve switched from another practice to having her do my botox injections. No need to worry about having a “frozen” look. I look refreshed, not “done.”


I will never go to anyone else.

Dr. Attenello is a wonderful facial plastic surgeon with amazing skill! I am so happy with my experience with her as she has done several filler and Botox procedures for me. The results are always refreshing without being fake! I will never go to anyone else.


Dr. Attenello is very gifted

Dr. Attenello came highly recommended from my friend who had a hair transplant surgery with her last year and convinced me to go see her. I had been researching this for three years now, but was afraid of the whole process and looking unnatural but seeing his results made me give it a chance. Making the appointment was easy and the staff was very informative and professional. She was on time for my appointment which is unheard of nowadays and she spent close to an hour with me answering my whole page of questions! After this, I was so excited and confident to proceed. On the surgery day, I was nervous but she is so calming and actually very funny that it helped make me feel comfortable. The recovery was sooo easy! No pain, no swelling, and no bruising. My hair looks amazing and has not looked this full in over ten years. I can’t believe I did it, but I’m so glad I did! Dr. Attenello is very gifted and very kind which is hard to find in this business. She takes great pride in her work and always puts the patients best interest first. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!


I love my results!!

Dr. Attenello is seriously the best! Not only did she come highly recommended, her skills and bedside manner are superb.

I have always been bothered by how my nose looked but the thought of surgery makes me way too nervous.
Dr. Attenello was very understanding with my concerns and suggested filler injections for my nose to help improve my nasal bridge WITHOUT surgery.

I love my results!! Not only was the procedure quick and painless ( a few minutes of numbing cream and another few minutes for the injections), but it was the right amount of subtle change that I wanted. I look great in pictures and no one really has noticed that I did anything to my face. People have been coming up to me saying that I look great or my skin looks great.

I highly recommend Dr. Attenello if you want a honest and talented surgeon. I trust her completely and will be absolutely returning to see her in the near future.


Truly transformative!

Wow! Where do I even begin….I have so many wonderful things to say about Dr. Attenello. She is by far the most caring and meticulous surgeon I have ever met, and it helps that she is clearly highly skilled – she’s able to produce the most beautiful results!
Most of my friends and female family members have had some cosmetic surgery. All in all, I’ve visited a LOT of plastic surgeons for consults, surgeries or to support friends – Dr. Attenello still comes out on top, by far.

She is highly invested in her patients well-being and them having an absolutely optimal outcome. And she goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure this. Not only is she meticulous in her pre-surgery process, but her follow-up is the most involved I have ever seen or heard of. I’m not going to tell you everything here, because I think some of it should be a wonderful surprise! I have never felt so cared for by any physician or their staff.

I am always diligent with the research on physicians before making any decision, including doing Skype consults with doctors in other states, (yes, I’m willing to fly for this little obsession!) but the minute I walked into Dr. Attenello’s office I knew this was the one. The entire atmosphere was different than any other physician’s office I have ever visited; serval patients in various stages of post-surgery and other procedures were there, all talking quite lively and everyone willing to share their experiences and the details of what they were doing. Every single person was open, warm-hearted and generous with their particulars and completely willing to share. I knew that it took a special type of surgeon and person to cultivate this kind of atmosphere.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RESULTS…. And most importantly….. stunning results! I was so scared to begin this process. I work in the public eye and my appearance means a lot to me. Naturally, part of this involves regular maintenance and upkeep, with more significant procedures at periodic intervals. I absolutely hate having anyone new touch my face, with Dr. Attenello, I’m now wishing I had met her years earlier.

My face is absolutely stunning… refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. Lol! I even got carded buying a bottle of wine a few weeks ago! The cashier was quite perturbed when I giggled and asked if she was serious …. but the look of stunned amazement on her face when she read the date on my DL was soooo worth it!

If you want to take the best care of your face possible whether it’s surgery, injections or other rejuvenating procedures …. BOOK A CONSULT. Go in and talk to this incredible woman and her wonderful staff. You feel almost like you are walking into a friend’s home when you visit this office. The atmosphere is warm, and comforting, and if you are anything like me you’ll just want to hang out as long as you can.

I am SO THRILLED with every aspect of knowing this amazing doctor. I feel so much younger, I have revived confidence, and almost getting a new lease on life.Truly transformative! xo Thank you Dr. A.


I’d give her more stars if I could!!!

I’d give her more stars if I could!!! It has now been a few months since I had surgery with Dr. Attenello and I can’t believe how fantastic I look. I didn’t think it was possible to get these results. I had a facelift to fix the jowls and sagging skin from my neck and I also did my eyes (I couldn’t put on eyeshadow for the past ten years because of the extra skin!!) I have received so many compliments, it has made me blush. I only told a few close friends what I did and they are amazed because you can’t see any scars. Dr. Attenello has been a true blessing in my life. She knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and cared for during the recovery period. I consulted with two other surgeons before her and just clicked immediately with her. She is absolutely the best and I’m so happy to have found a plastic surgeon and a friend for life. Thank you!!!


she’s the best!

Dr. Attenello is a MASTER at her craft! I initially met her several years ago for the hairline lowering surgery but was kind of afraid to finally do it until last year. All I can say is – there was absolutely no reason to be scared! First off, Dr. Attenello put me completely at ease. She basically walked me through every single step of the procedure which helped calm my nerves and really gave me an idea of what to expect. I only remember slowly falling asleep and then waking up with a wrap over my hair and ice on. There was really no pain and no anesthesia effects. It must have been a really good anesthesia doctor she has because this was the first time I didn’t have any nausea. Then that night, there was a little swelling and numbness – everything that Dr. Attenello told me I would feel. But there was virtually no pain whatsoever! I got pain pills anyway, but didn’t need to take any. The next day, I went back to the office and she removed the dressing and I could instantly see my new forehead and it is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!! So long hats and bangs!

I can’t believe I wanted this long, but at the same time, I knew I had to do it when I was ready. Dr. Attenello was so patient with me and she’s an amazing doctor and surgeon. The incision is already invisible and the numbness to my scalp is coming back. Nobody really noticed that I had anything done, which is perfect because I was doing this for myself and not anyone else. I just feel much better wearing my hair up or going to the beach. Dr. Attenello changed my life for the better and I will always be indebted to her. Do not hesitate people, she’s the best!


Superb surgeon with superb bedside manner.

Superb surgeon with superb bedside manner. I am almost a year out from my facelift surgery and couldn’t be happier!


I would highly recommend Dr. Attenello!

I had a hair transplant (FUE) procedure from Dr. Attenello – and it went great! She answered all of my questions before the surgery. I have thin blonde hair and I was concerned about scarring, and she suggested I do the FUE procedure. During the operation, her staff was excellent – and took great care of me. I had minimal pain after the transplant – and since then, the results are great! If you are considering a hair transplant, or any other plastic surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Attenello!


She was very honest, open, patient, and trusting

My experience with Dr. Attenello has been beyond superb. There were so many choices of surgeons, but what made me choose Dr. Attenello and make me a life long patient of hers was her bedside manner and superior natural results. She took more than an hour of her time to explain to me why aging occurs the way it does, my different options, and ultimately what I can expect with the results. She was very honest, open, patient, and trusting. During the procedure, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed – I was a little nervous because it was the first time I was having anything done, but her calming nature really set a great tone. Afterwards, the results were superb. I can’t imagine having gone to anyone else- she has officially made me a life-long patient


Dr. Attenello is truly one of the best

Dr. Attenello is truly one of the best. I’ve always been particularly self-conscious about a certain feature on my face (my hairline/forehead), and did not think there were any options out there. But then I stumbled upon Dr. Attenello and she was a miracle worker! She told me about the surgery that could be done and after some research, I realized that this was a pretty specialized surgery that only a few surgeons perform. I feel whole-heartedly confident in her and cannot believe I found her! She is godsend.


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