Effective and Natural Rejuvenation Thanks to the SMAS Facelift

Published on March 20, 2020

If you are seeking a facelift from an experienced and certified surgeon, he or she will not only improve the aesthetics of your face by sculpting out the undesired fat, but will also ensure that the surgical incisions are minimal, nearly invisible, and quick to heal.

Apart from experience, it is also important that the doctor employs the latest, safest, and most long-lasting procedure for facelift surgery, that is – the SMAS Facelift.

What is a SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) Facelift?

Today, SMAS facelifts have grown in popularity due to the amazing results it offers in restoring or creating a naturally young face for patients.

A SMAS facelift avoids the unnatural tightness of the skin that often accompanies conventional facelifts. Most importantly, it addresses the subcutaneous fat as well as the connective tissues of the face. Unlike other facelifts that only remedy the ill-effects of aging on the skin, SMAS also counters the signs of aging in the underlying supportive tissue.

This has a drastic improvement in the appearance of many of the older patients. SMAS is a surgery that works on nearly two-thirds of the face, and it has repeatedly shown an incidental improvement in the appearance of the patient’s neck as well.

SMAS also gives the surgeon greater freedom and access to sculpt your face and derive a contoured result. If you are considering the SMAS facelift, it is critical to seek consultation and treatment from an expert and experienced doctor.